Fight For Free

Album: Anger, Blood, and Tears (2018)

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Song: 04 This Is What We Believe feat. KUBO (SLY OLD DOG)

Bitrate: 352kbps

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Fight For Free (FFF) is the hardcore band from Sanggau, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Formed in 2003 with the new formation (2010-now): teguh (vocal), ruben (bass), een (drum), and aris (guitar). FFF plays for new school hardcore. previously, FFF is a punk band in 2003. In mid-2006, FFF released its first demo. After released of the first demo, FFF has Launching two EP : "BATIN YANG HANCUR" on December 2010. and "THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE" in May 2012.